Group Drum Workshops

We provide group drum workshops upon request. We will tailor the workshop to your needs and drumming level. Groups can be from 2 people upwards. All abilities welcome including complete beginners. Workshops are led by Adama and Neilum. Contact us for more details; Gambia: (00220) 942 1539, UK: 0794 477 8733, email:

Drums provided


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Jamtan Silhouettes

1-2-1 with Adama

Jamtan - African Drumming at Chorlton Arts Festival 2013

Adama provides 1-2-1 sessions for beginners and experienced players. These sessions will give you the opportunity to focus closely on your technique, work on your sense of African rhythm and gain a deeper understanding of how the djembe and dunduns communicate with each other. Adama will also teach you African songs that accompany the drum music.

Sessions for women

Jamtan - African Drumming at Chorlton Arts Festival 2013

Neilum provides 1-2-1 tuition and group sessions for beginners and those who already have some moves. You will learn new pieces of music and/or practice what you already know on the djembe and dunduns (including sangban and kenkeni). These sessions are an opportunity to develop your confidence, skills and technique.